As staircases are such large structures that demand a great deal of space in your home, it’s important that they’re not only functional, but that they are aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re considering giving your staircase a makeover, there are many materials and designs to choose from. However, if space is at a premium in your home, then a glass staircase is the ideal option for you.

Glass staircases feel less closed off than those with wooden balustrades. As they allow for more light flow, they create an airy and spacious feel that can make your hallways feel larger than they actually are.

Will a glass staircase look good in my home?

Having gained massively in popularity over the last few decades, glass staircases can add a contemporary edge to any home.

As glass is such a versatile material, it can be used in staircase design to complement a wide range of interior spaces. Glass staircases can be installed to update period properties, but also add a real ‘wow’ factor to more modern homes.

Depending on the style of your décor and the layout of your home, you may choose to incorporate glass into your staircase in different ways. Opt for clamped glass panels with oak handrails, embedded glass panels with painted banisters or frameless glass panels.

Alternatively, glass spindles are popular with many of our customers, who love the sparkle that their exposed edges provide.

For more inspiration, take a look at our dedicated glass staircase page.

Best décor to use with a glass staircase

If the main reason you’re opting to have a glass staircase installed is to open up the space in your home, then smart décor and accessory choices will help even further with this.

As a general rule of thumb, darker spaces seem smaller. So, if you want to make your hallways appear larger, the key is to keep your décor light and bright. If you’re planning to paint your walls, stick to light colours. Avoid small or fussy designs on wallpaper, as these can detract from the appeal of your glass staircase.

Natural light is the best way to make a space appear larger, but if there are no windows in your hallways, ensure you have plenty of good artificial light. Modern, bright, and bold pendant lights work well with high ceilings, as they draw the eye upwards, towards the lightest part of your staircase.

However, if you have low ceilings then pendant lights should be avoided, as they can make your space seem even smaller. In this case, the best option is setting lights into the walls at a low level, or even into the stairs themselves. The reflective qualities of a glass staircase will also help to brighten up your space.

For small spaces, always ensure the treads of your stairs are a darker colour than your walls, as the eye is automatically drawn to lighter colours. This will ensure that your hallways feel open and spacious.

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