Hot Wheels

Our fleet of vans have been given a smart new makeover, sporting branded livery that showcases examples of our work. With the vans driving up and down the country on a daily basis chances are you’ll see us on your travels. Thanks to Signs Express for doing a great job.  

Piano Stairs

66% more subway users used the stairs following the amazing transformation these stairs painted like a piano with an extra musical flourish. Would more staircases like this encourage you to ditch the escalators and take the stairs?   You may also enjoy reading:   Stair in disbelief: 6 Staircases transformed by mosaics   Stair in disbelief: 6 Staircases …

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Abbott-Wade launches new 2012 website

Abbott-Wade are delighted to unveil their new website today. Designed by Leeds based agency Gamma Creative, the new site has been built to reflect a new phase in Abbott-Wade’s evolution.2012 website

According to Mike Wade, co-founder of Abbott-Wade “The original website was created over 12 years ago at a time when a customer was more likely to flick through the Yellow Pages than go on-line to find a tradesman, so in that respect we were ahead of our time.”

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