Staircase design ideas

Staircase Design Ideas

Let’s face it, we have all spent some time in our lives eyeing up our staircase and thinking about how we can improve its look. Perhaps it has grown outdated and could do with a makeover to bring it up to modern trends? Or maybe you are the type of person that likes to keep your interior …

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What kind of stair handrails are there

What kind of stair handrails are there?

Handrails are a crucial part of a staircase. A staircase that is without a handrail is deemed highly unsafe for use, and quite simply will not function as it should. Now, we know you might be deep in the process of looking at a new staircase for your home, but have you considered your handrails …

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All you need to know about spiral staircases

Ahhh the spiral staircase, something we have all thought about implementing into our homes at some point, right? Normally the next thought that comes into our head is “that might be a bit too out there for me!”, but why not? After all, contemporary, unique staircases are on the rise as more and more people …

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