How do I decorate my staircase

How do I decorate my staircase?

It is a well known fact that the staircase is one of the most important parts of the home – if you are in a building with more than one floor of course! This means that in a house, it will be used multiple times daily by all members of the household. This is as …

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Keeping your staircase safe

Ways to keep your staircase safe

There is no denying the importance of a staircase if your building has more than one floor. With most buildings operating this layout, you should ensure that the staircases you walk up and down on a daily basis in a suitable condition to avoid any falls and trips that can potentially cause serious injury. Although …

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Wooden staircases

Wooden staircases are still in style!

In more and more modern-day homes, we have seen glass or steel take a much more prominent role in people’s idea of their ideal staircase. But hang on a second, what about wood? Are we forgetting the natural beauty that this material has, adding a wonderful aesthetic to your home? Wooden staircases have been the …

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What our customers say: We’ll be recommending Abbott-Wade

In the early days of Abbott-Wade, a large amount of our new business was generated by word of mouth. Over 20 years on we find ourselves in same position except recommendations now come from all over the country. For us, it’s proof that we’re doing an excellent job, treating our customers well and leaving them happy.

So what is it about Abbott-Wade which makes our customers so keen to recommend us?

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