Why Are Family Businesses Important?

Family & Business are two of the biggest devotions of time, finances and dedication in life. For many these are entirely separate entities which makes a family business a business like no other and are honoured to be counted among them! We have remained a proud family run business since our inception and employ three …

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Free Video-Call Design Consultations Available

Self Isolating? On Lock-Down? Tired of the same 4 walls? Tired of the same old staircase?

The nation is locked down – and quite rightly. If like us you’re already feeling cooped up and tired of staring at the same four walls, you might have also started noticing all the little jobs that need doing around the house (like that peeling wallpaper in the corner of the bedroom or the loose handle on the kitchen cabinet) and you’re probably also thinking of those bigger jobs like which rooms are in need of decorating and that tired old staircase you’ve not been happy with since 1996. Maybe it’s dark and dated or there are annoying drip marks in the paint. Maybe there’s a few loose spindles you’ve only just noticed because you’re stuck at home all day…again. And don’t forget the dent in the newel post and the scratches from when the plumber dented it 5 years ago getting a new bath up the stairs.

Chances are it’s probably already on that long list of projects you’ve been putting off for ages that we’re all starting to get around to.

Our office & fitting teams may be closed due to the coronavirus but our design team are still only a telephone call away. They can’t come to visit you but they can provide a virtual consultation via Video Call using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype from the safety of their living room. You won’t even need to offer them a cup of tea! If you’ve got any photos or measurements this will help with the accuracy of your estimate.

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Staircase Stories: Mrs Skyte, Milton Keynes

modern installation with glass and Abbott-Wade’s cube handrails was the specification required by the Skyte family. The great service and craftsmanship provided left a lasting impression with Mrs Skyte – as did her her new and fabulous staircase!


“It’s clear that they care about doing a good job – their hearts are in it which is very refreshing these days. I’m so glad that I chose Abbott-Wade and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Well done and don’t lose the passion!” 

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