We’ve all to start somewhere: A little from The Princes Trust

At a time when the news is full of doom and gloom, it’s good to be reminded of some of the many good people and things which are still out there.


Way back in 1996, our much younger (and slightly less hairy) directors, Craig Abbott & Mike Wade were amongst the first recipients in Merseyside of a Prince’s Trust grant to contribute towards the tools needed for their fledgling new business.

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Turn economic groans into hurrahs for your homes: It’s time to invest in your property

Brexit came as a surprise to many of us and the economists reported the events with caution and suggested an economic slowdown. This can be bad news for homeowners looking to make a sale as there is usually a reduced demand for housing as buyers become more nervous and are put off buying. In turn, this often leads to a reduction in the value of a home which is very bad news, especially if you’re downsizing as you stand to lose more on the home you are selling than the you would save on the home you are buying.

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Watch: Combining Walnut, Stainless Steel & Glass

Combining different materials in a staircase can be a design masterstroke if it’s done right! This staircase refurbishment at the prestigious Margaret Dabbs treatment centre in Cheltenham not only combines walnut stringers, treads and risers with stainless steel and glass but also sets it against a stunning feature stone wall.

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The Mighty Oak

We may never learn exactly what magic allows such an impressively large tree to fit inside such a tiny acorn, but with a mature oak tree producing 2,200 acorns a year there’s plenty more miracles still waiting to grow.

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