Watch: Climbing the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Measuring 324 metres tall (including antennas) and weighing 10,100 tonnes, the Eiffel Towers is one of the worlds most iconic structures despite the fact that when built 130 years ago it was only intended to stand for 20 years before being dismantled.

Today the tower welcomes 7 million people a year – many of which naturally ascend the tower in the lifts which travel a combined distance of 103,000 km a year which is equivalent to two and a half times the circumference of the Earth!

Alternatively, if you’ve got a head for heights and the legs for it you can climb the 1,665 steps instead…or you let someone else do it for you and just watch the video below.



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What our customers say: Living with an Abbott-Wade Staircase

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering replacing or renovating your staircase. Like all our customers at this stage, you’re be considering the practicalities of the installation: What style do I want? When will we be ready to do the work? How much will it cost?

What you probably haven’t spent too much time considering is:

‘What is it actually like living with an Abbott-Wade staircase?’

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How best to clean a staircase

How to best clean your staircase

A clean staircase is one that you can be proud of and gives off the best possible impression to any potential visitors. It also makes sure that your home is hygienic as possible so you can avoid any unwanted bacteria or dirt that could attract some unwelcome visitors! At Abbott-Wade, we understand the importance of …

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Our commitment as a company

Unusually for our sector where subcontracting fitters is standard practice, all Abbott-Wade fitters are employed. Once a joiner has joined Abbott-Wade’s extended family it’s only right that we should contribute towards their training, pensions and offer them paid holiday. It sounds obvious but it’s a rarity in our sector. It has the added benefit that it guarantees the quality of workmanship which can’t be achieved by using subcontracted workers. The company and it’s staff have an ongoing commitment to bring out the best in each other. While we have a Nationwide Service we only employ local craftsmen and apprentices, an investment into our local economy and community. We also work with small, local companies we’ve built strong relationships with over the past 20+ years such as staircase manufacturers, glass manufactures and printers in addition to supporting local events within the community.

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Painted Risers

Risers should rise to the occasion!

A staircase riser is the vertical, forward facing front of the stairs closing the gap between each tread. For many staircases this will be hidden beneath carpet but it doesn’t have to be. As part of our bespoke service, your staircase will be what you want it to be and our prefinished service means the messy work is all done for you!

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Meet The Team: Colin Campbell, Sales Manager

Name: Colin Campbell

Position: Sales Manager

Location: Saddleworth, East Manchester


“I genuinely love seeing something created that transforms a room. It’s very satisfying”  

There was a time that Colin would travel the length and breadth of the country visiting clients but these days he doesn’t like to stray too far away from his grandchildren and splits his time between the Abbott-Wade office and visiting customers. Colin visit clients clients close to home in neighbouring Oldham and Stockport as well as around South Manchester and North Cheshire towns like Wilmslow, Macclesfield & Poynton.

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