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Our bespoke staircases can truly transform a property. A staircase is a necessity for most homes but an Abbott-Wade staircase is much more than just a functional feature of the house. Is a highly desired premium product due to the quality of the materials used, the level of craftsmanship and aesthetic allure it adds by enhancing a …

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From the Archive: Stair in Disbelief

The world is full of amazing staircases of all shapes and sizes. Back in 2017 we started collecting some of our favourites from around the globe in a series of articles called Stair in Disbelief. We found staircases transformed by colour, murals, mosaics and more. You can read the full collection of articles here:

Before & After: Changing a metal balustrade to glass

Before & After: Changing a metal balustrade to glass

One of the problems with old metal balustrades is re-decoration. Dried drip marks glass which are re-painted over every few years are a typical characteristic as is flaking paintwork. This client decided enough was enough and brought in Abbott-Wade for a complete remodelling of the stairs. Warm oak tones and 10mm glass panels replaced the old, cold steel which were removed and sent for recycling.  The transformation was completed with a full oak transformation with oak treads, risers and stringers. No more drip marks or flaking paint, just a beautiful new staircase renovation.


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Watch: The Number 10 Downing Street Staircase

If you’ve already seen our 3D tour of the Grand Staircase at Buckingham Palace, you may also be interested to see the staircase behind the doors of another famous British residence. Behind the iconic door of the Prime Minister’s residence at Number 10 Downing Street is a staircase which has seen many of our most famous politicians come and go. Like your own home, the stairs are the first thing you see as you want through the front door but has been rebuilt once or twice over the past 300 years. Prime Minister Robert Wagpole commissioned a refurbishment of the staircase in the 1700’s – long before Abbott-wade popularised the trend! The stairs have withstood the test of time and still feature the cantilevered design with no visible supports. The stairway is now lined with the portraits of each Prime Minister since in chronological order, with the most recent towards the top.

Take the tour with Simon Schama and see how it compares with your own staircase…

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Behind The Scenes: The Abbott-Wade Workshop

There are many factors which set Abbott-Wade apart from other staircase companies. One of the attributes which our customers like is our ‘everything under one roof’ philosophy of project managing your entire staircase project. Our custom fitted premises in a transformed Airforce engineering building enables us to do this more efficiently. From our purpose built Office Space, Spray Shop and of course the Workshop where our craftsman unlock the potential of each piece of wood to create unique stair parts for our installations.

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