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Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. We have tried to make these Terms and Conditions easy to understand but we realise that you may feel uncertain about some items. Our team are here to help and will be happy to assist you with any query you may have.

– All goods supplied and installed by Abbott-Wade Ltd are governed by these Terms and Conditions.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd select premium quality components and materials for our staircase renovations and new flights. All timber components are pre-finished with a 20% semi-matt clear lacquer unless otherwise specified.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd will not accept an order until we have received a full deposit as detailed in the Payment section of these Terms & Conditions and a signed Sales Agreement has been received.

– We make every effort to depict products and colours on our website & brochure as accurately as possible however we cannot guarantee that any monitor, printer or device you use will accurately reflect the colour of the actual goods.

– The specifications in these Terms & Conditions are correct at the time of printing. Abbott-Wade Ltd has a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserves the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without any notification. If you order goods after we have published any changes you will be bound by those changes. Accordingly, you should check before your order to ensure that you understand the precise Terms & Conditions applicable to your purchase.

– The latest versions of our Terms and Conditions are available at

Materials: Hardwoods

– Oak Newel Posts: Standard 1500mm x 90mm x 90mm length newel posts comprise 8mm solid oak edging constructed of precision mitred oak blocks reduce risk of movement and splitting and reduce visible joins in the faces. Newel posts constructed of two or more pieces of laminated solid oak are available on request at the point of order.

– Newel sizes other than our standard 90mmx90mm will be constructed of either engineered oak posts with a 4mm edged oak face or 2 or more pieces of laminated solid oak dependent on size.

– Walnut/Ash/Sapele/Maple Newel Posts: Constructed of 2+ pieces of laminated solid hardwood dependent on size.

– Handrail & Base Rail: Solid Oak/Walnut/Ash/Sapele/Maple. Base rails are manufactured from 1 length of solid hardwood. Handrails are manufactured from 2 laminated lengths of solid hardwood.

– Solid Walnut may not be available in complete lengths of over 2.4 metres & may need to be constructed of 2 joined lengths.

– Cladding: 6mm MDF Oak/Walnut/Ash/Sapele/Maple Veneer (MDF stops movement).

– Medullary rays (also known as Pith Rays or Tiger Marks) are a natural feature of timber resembling ribbons or flecks which are sometimes mistaken for damaged, repaired or watermarked wood and may be visible in parts of your installation and are perfectly acceptable. Stair parts that include medullary rays will not be changed. These are more prominent in oak. More information is available upon request.

– While every effort is used to select premium woods, wood is a natural product that varies in shade and grain. We use natural timbers and while every effort is made to match colours and grains, we have limited control over the shade and grain markings used. Consequently, there may be visible knots and natural variations in colour, grain and tone. Certain degrees of filler may be used which is a common part of the manufacturing process. No guarantee is given for the exact matching of one product with another.

– Colour variations caused by sap in the timber are a natural feature of walnut. These are natural features that may be visible in parts of your installation and are perfectly acceptable.

– Noticeable colour variations from blonde to red are more prevalent in Ash than other hardwoods. These are natural features that may be visible in parts of your installation and are perfectly acceptable.

– Installations with non-natural colours may require an additional visit from a polisher to treat any areas where the pre-finished timber has been cut/sanded during installation.

Materials: Painted & Stained Wood

– Painted Newel Posts: Constructed of two or more pieces of laminated solid Hemlock or Tulip Wood.

– Painted Handrail & Base Rail: Solid Hemlock or Tulip Wood.

– Cladding: 6mm MDF (MDF stops movement).

– Painted & stained handrail, newel caps and treads are exempt from our Abbott-Wade Ltd guarantee (see Restrictions).

– Woodgrain may be visible through the painted coating of all timber parts.

– A return visit may be required by our Aftercare Team following an installation to touch up sprayed/painted components where the pre-finished timber has been cut, fixed or damaged/repaired during installation. Paints/stains used for this visit will be provided by Abbott-Wade unless by prior written agreement. Any surfaces finished with paint/stain not provided by Abbott-Wade will not be covered by our warranty. There may be additional charges for visits requiring non-Abbott-Wade paints/stains due to drying times and variations in the finished product.

Materials: Glass

– 10mm Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass with safety stamp fitted as standard unless otherwise specified.

– Optiwhite Low Iron glass is clearer than standard glass but will still show a slight green/blue tint on the edges.

– Frameless glass requires 15mm toughened glass and is available on new flights only.

– Marks, inclusions and blemishes on glass may be present providing they are within the Glass & Glazing Federation glass inspection standards which states: Marks should not be visible from a distance of 3 meters, when viewed at 90 degrees in natural daylight, but not directly towards the sun and with no visible moisture on the surface of the glass and may contain minute particles and fine scratches no more than 25mm long .

– Toughened glass may show visual distortions which are accentuated by reflections in sealed units. This is a natural phenomenon and not a fault. In some lighting conditions, the coating may look like a transparent film or produce a haze, i.e. a cloudy look to the surface.

– The spacing between glass panels is approximately 50mm depending upon overall sizes and spacings may vary +/-20mm to allow for fitting tolerances.

– Glass sizes may be determined by building regulations and manual handling guidance.

Materials: Additional

– Continuous (curved) handrail parts are machined on a Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machine from a solid block of timber resulting in differences in grain and tone.

– Wrought iron style spindles and components are made of sprayed forged steel.

– Rails are secured using a mechanical fixing through the newel covered with a visible pellet which may show some variation in colour and grain.

– Outer string cladding will require a joint on string lengths longer than 2700mm due to a restricted board length of 3000mm.

– A gap between the tread and cladding of up to 10mm is acceptable where the carpet is being fitted.

– Doors used are 19mm veneered MDF unless otherwise specified.

– Treads and steps may be constructed of one or more laminated pieces with noticeable joins and different tones. Exposed hardwood treads will be pre-finished with a rough coating which may wear down over time reducing the level of friction/grip. This is not covered by your warranty. Abbott-Wade Ltd accepts no responsibility for slips or trips on stair treads. Treads that are to be carpeted may be made of unfinished engineered wood or softwood. Visible pellets may cover mechanical fixings.

New Flights:

– The underside of closed-tread stairs will be left exposed following installations leaving visible fixings and unfinished timber. The cost of covering/plaster-boarding the underside of the staircase is not included in the cost of your new staircase. It is the responsibility of each customer to arrange to have the underside of the staircase plaster-boarded and skimmed. Abbott-Wade Ltd will not board the underside of winder staircases.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd can advise on the best stage in a sequence of work to install your staircase to mitigate potential problems.

– Down-stands are a legal requirement with all new open-tread stairs.

– The headroom will be a minimum of 2 meters where possible.

– It is advised that all new flights are fitted directly onto the concrete flooring base. While new flights can be fitted directly onto other flooring or tiles, it is advised that flooring be fitted with expansion gaps to accommodate the weight of the stairs. Abbott-Wade Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage to flooring resulting from the weight of the staircase.

– There may be visible pellets covering mechanical fixings on the outer string.

– Quarter/Half landings on new flights with oak treads will use solid flooring of tongue & groove construction with visible joins. Quarter/Half landings on new flights with carpeted treads will be covered with MDF or plywood.

– A new staircase may not necessarily cover the existing string line of your previous/existing staircase. In many cases, this will require plastering.

– If the staircase configuration changes the footprint left behind from the previous/existing staircase will not be the responsibility of Abbott-Wade Ltd.

– Any underfloor heating or damp coursing under the staircase must be declared to Abbott-Wade Ltd by the customer in writing as early in the process as possible.

– New staircase orders may be charged for if cancelled, as these items are completely bespoke.

– New flights may settle over time resulting in slight bowing of the stringer.

– Whilst every attempt is made to eliminate the expansion and shrinkage of installations allowing a certain amount of clearance, Abbott-Wade Ltd is not liable for any expansion/shrinkage or swelling of these items.


– All new flights must be installed to meet current building regulations.

– It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure any applications to the Local Planning Authority are made and granted if required (for example, if your home is a listed building, a new build or you have had/are having an extension built to the property). You may still be charged for materials and visits should your application be refused. The buyer shall be responsible for ensuring that its use of the goods complies with all and any relevant statutes, statutory instruments and regulations having the force of law and any relevant British Standards and shall fully indemnify Abbott-Wade Ltd and keep it indemnified against all costs, claims, demands, expenses and liabilities suffered or incurred by Abbott-Wade Ltd as a result of any non-compliance by the buyer. Abbott-Wade Ltd accepts no responsibility for any installations completed where necessary permissions have not been obtained.


– Customers must inspect all work completed and sign a Completion & Satisfaction form with the fitters on completion. Any defects in any stair components which would be evident immediately following installation (including but not exclusive to marks, chips and scratches) must be identified within 7 days of installation to be covered by our guarantee. Any defects identified after this time will be considered to be the fault of the customer and will not be covered by our guarantee.

– All painted and stained wood is vulnerable to chips and scratches which may expose the wood beneath and is not covered by our guarantee.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd cannot cover against natural timber defects including but not exclusive to colour variations in the timber, any level of deformation or shrinkage deemed to be normal by Abbott-Wade Ltd or its suppliers, knot content or shakes (natural splits) in the timber. Any defects must be reported immediately. On rare occasions, shakes may occur in timber. In this event, Abbott-Wade Ltd will repair and not replace the affected timber components.

– We reserve the right to offer an alternative product if an item is no longer available. Our liability will be to replace the faulty goods only. We may be unable to guarantee an exact match.

– Guarantees do not cover: the wearing down of rough tread coatings; fair wear and tear; issues arising from the limitations and natural characteristics of wooden products; damage or defect resulting from neglect; modification; carelessness, incorrect use, abuse or misuse; failure to follow correct care procedures; loss or damage due to fire, smoke, damp, water, lightning, sunlight, weather, rusting, corrosion, theft or explosion; wilful damage; accidental damage or loss or damage caused by a third party (including but not exclusive to other tradespersons). Correction to such damage may be chargeable at a daily rate plus material costs.

– Creaking in refurbished stairs is not covered by your guarantee as we cannot guarantee workmanship on components previously installed by a third party.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd will not correct any installation or components affected by changes carried out after the survey, installation or caused by abrasive cleaning products. Correction to such issues may be chargeable at a daily rate.

– Damp conditions or extremes of temperature may cause timber to twist, move, split, warp, shrink, expand or change colour. Problems with damp should be rectified by the customer before installation. This is not covered by our guarantee.

– Any electrical work including light fittings and fixtures are only covered by the manufactures guarantee and not your Abbott-Wade Ltd guarantee.

– Liquids in contact with stair parts may result in swelling or discolouration of the lacquer or timber. This is not covered by our guarantee and correction to such damage may be chargeable at a daily rate plus material costs.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd are only able to deliver and install to addresses in the United Kingdom mainland (excluding Northern Ireland).

– These Terms and Conditions are only available in English. No other languages will apply to these Terms and Conditions.

– Any warranty or agreement applies only with the signatory for work at the agreed address on the Sales Agreement. You may not transfer any of your rights under these Terms and Conditions to any other person.

Important Notes:

– The acceptance and processing of your payment and any order acknowledgement by email or otherwise does not constitute legal acceptance of your order. We reserve the right not to accept your order at any time and for any reason. Abbott-Wade Ltd reserves the right to refuse or amend any order following review by the design team. Deposits will be returned to customers who have had their installations refused by our Design Team. We will not be held accountable or liable to you or anyone associated with you for refusing to accept your order or offer to purchase goods.

– In the unlikely event that the goods are out of stock, no longer available, or if a pricing error has been made, we will contact you and advise accordingly.

– Lead times vary throughout the year. Lead times given at sale are approximations only and Abbott-Wade Ltd cannot be held to these.

– Dates given for installations, surveys or return visits dates may need to be changed due to scheduling conflicts or the manufacture and delivery of components. Customers will be informed of any changes as early as possible. Abbott-Wade Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or financial loss caused and will not allow any discount or make any payments to allow for customers taking time off work for any installations or return visits.

– On some occasions, it may be necessary to install balustrade glass on a later visit. This may result in the balustrade remaining open or covered temporarily until the subsequent visit when the glass is fitted. Customers should be aware of any added risk.

– All work, including any subsequent visits, may only be completed on weekdays between Monday to Friday.

– While Abbott-Wade Ltd takes care to keep mess to a minimum, due to the bespoke nature of the carpentry required, timber will be sawn on-site and dust will be inevitable. Abbott-Wade Ltd will not be liable for cleaning the vehicles, driveways or gardens of customers or neighbours due to dust.

– All quotations are provided subject to review and/or survey. Orders may only be secured with a deposit (renovations: 40%, new flights: 40% at sale + 40% on approval of drawings before manufacture) and signed agreement to our Terms & Conditions and the Sales Agreement specifications. Quotes are valid for 6 months.

– We reserve the right to alter our prices from time to time and without notice. There may be price variations based on the location of installation to allow for transportation time & costs and accommodation.

– If you request an amendment to your order subsequent to us accepting such order, Abbott-Wade Ltd shall have no obligation to accept such amendments. Should Abbott-Wade Ltd choose to accommodate your request for amendments, we shall be entitled to revise the price payable for the goods and fitting as may be reasonable to do so. Fitting dates may also need to be postponed as a consequence of changes to the original order.

– Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, we may be prevented from installing your goods as planned. Reasons may include but are not limited to things such as accidents, breakdowns, emergencies, industrial disputes, fire, flood, storm, severe weather, acts of God, war, riot, civil commotion, unavailability or shortage of materials or labour, interruptions of supply, malicious damage or the default of our suppliers. We will try to put things right as soon as possible however we can’t be responsible where this causes a delay or failure in delivering/installing your goods.

– Any orders made on behalf of a business must have a personal guarantor who will be liable for completing any payments should the business be unable or unwilling for any reason to complete any payments.

– For staircases with shared users such as apartment buildings, Abbott-Wade Ltd will deal with up to 2 contacts only to agree and sign off the works.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd may store your details to ensure you can be contacted regarding your order and future warranty issues.


– Parking should be made available for a large van. If the property is in a permit zone, the correct permit must be arranged by the customer. The driver is ultimately responsible for where they can sensibly offload. The drivers’ decision is final when deciding what is a safe unload or delivery location.

– If you are replacing your carpet: Fitters can remove the carpets for you but will be unable to take them away.

– If you are keeping your carpet: You will need to arrange for a third party to take up and relay your carpet to avoid damage. Abbott-Wade Ltd will not take any responsibility for damage incurred taking up any existing carpet or to carpet left in situ during an installation.

– Any other carpets, flooring and furniture in and around the working area should be removed or covered by the customer to avoid damage. Please note that our fitters are not allowed to remove their shoes for health and safety reasons. Abbott-Wade Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage to exposed carpets or flooring or furniture including damage from but not exclusive to footprints, adhesives, sealants, dents, scratches or chips.

– Any wires fixed to any part of the stairway should be unfastened prior to the installation team arriving. Abbott-Wade Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage to cables or wiring left on the stairway.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd will not be responsible for damages out of our control such as but not exclusive to water pipes not exposed and plaster over pipes and electrical cables.

– Timber will be sawn outdoors where possible and a designated area should be made available.

– Electrical sockets & toilet facilities must be made available for the fitting team in the vicinity of the installation area.

– High powered tools & equipment will be used on site. You are responsible to ensure children and animals are not permitted in the immediate vicinity. Use of Abbott-Wade Ltd equipment is strictly prohibited on Health & Safety grounds.

– Should we be unable to complete an installation due to the property being unavailable, without electricity or the conditions stipulated in these Terms & Conditions, you may still be charged for labour at our daily rate.

– Customers must remove any internal or external tripping hazards, furniture, ornaments, wall fixtures or cables that will obstruct the route to and within working areas. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to these items if they are not removed.


– Whilst every care is taken to minimise any damage, the removal of newel posts can result in some damage to decoration, plaster, walls and ceilings which may require repairing by the customer or third party before decoration.

– In extreme cases, a plasterer may be required to fill damage to walls and ceilings.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd accept no liability for any damage and are unable to pay financial costs for repairing plaster or decoration or making good.

– Installations may change the size and shape of your staircase’s footprint, therefore existing carpets may not fit a previously carpeted area.


– Fitters will remove all waste, including components of the removed staircase, with the exception of carpet. Waste wood is recycled where possible.

– Any unwanted items removed by Abbott-Wade Ltd such as debris or rubbish from the Customer’s property transfers immediately to Abbott-Wade Ltd. Customers must inform the fitting team of any items they want to retain.

– Should any issues be outstanding on the completion of your staircase installation, Abbott-Wade Ltd will act to resolve these as quickly as possible. Please be aware that many components are manufactured to order and lead times may be dictated by suppliers.

– Abbott-Wade Ltd may use photographs from your installation for online galleries to show styles and materials. Any images used will not be traceable to customers unless by agreement.

– A Guarantee will be issued once the installation is complete and final payment has been received. Your Guarantee is valid for the period indicated on your Sales Agreement from the first day of your installation unless otherwise agreed in writing by Abbott-Wade Ltd and should be kept in a safe place. In all cases, Abbott-Wade Ltd reserves the right to inspect the product and verify the fault.

– All customers must sign off each installation with the installation team to show work has been completed to a satisfactory standard.

– In the unlikely event that customers are unhappy with the service or product provided by Abbott-Wade Ltd and the complaints procedure fails to resolve the issue, Abbott-Wade Ltd is a member of the ‘The Furniture Ombudsman’, an independent government-approved organisation who should be contacted for Alternative Dispute Resolution.


– All goods remain the property of Abbott-Wade Ltd until paid for in full.

– Renovations require a 40% deposit when ordering, 60% upon completion.

– If a two-stage renovation is required, a 40% deposit is required when ordering, 40% should be paid after stage one and 20% on completion.

– New Flights require a deposit of 40% when ordering, 40% on approval of CAD drawings prior to manufacture and 20% upon completion.

– Orders invoiced to a business will be required to pay an 80% deposit when ordering, 20% upon completion.

– If a return visit is required by the After-care team, 90% of the outstanding balance must be paid on the completion of the first phase of the installation.

– Customers installing stairs into a new build will be charged VAT by Abbott-Wade Ltd. It is the customer’s responsibility to claim this back.

– Deposits are used to fund the acquisition and manufacture of components for installations. Customers wishing to cancel their order after the 14 days cooling-off period will not receive a refunded deposit.

– We reserve the right to reduce the refund paid to cover costs.

– We accept payment by cheque, cash, credit and debit card, BACS and finance. BACS payments must be made within 24 hours quoting your Name and Customer Reference.

– Finance is available through a Finance Company. Any finance agreement is made with the Finance Company using their terms and conditions, not Abbott-Wade Ltd. Credit is awarded subject to an online application and credit/identity check by the Finance Company. Abbott-Wade Ltd cannot enter negotiations between the customer and the Finance Company. While the Finance Company is our default credit provider, there is no obligation to use this company and you are welcome and fully entitled to make any other financial arrangements to provide funds for your installation.

– Final balance payments should be made on completion of the installation.

– If you fail to pay your final balance in full within 30 days of completion, Abbott-Wade Ltd have the right to suspend or cancel future goods/services and cancel any discount offered to you. The settlement of your debt may be passed to a debt recovery agency and you will be charged all additional costs incurred to retrieve the outstanding debts including, but not limited to; solicitors, court fees and any 3rd party costs.

Making a payment:

Deposits can be paid with a cash/cheque payment directly to your designer or by using the payment methods below.

Final balances can be paid with a cash/cheque payment directly to our fitters or by using the payment methods below.

   Posting a cheque:

   Cheques should be payable to Abbott Wade Ltd and posted to:

   Abbott-Wade Ltd, Ashton Road, Golborne, Warrington, WA3 3UL

   (Please note that cheques containing any other symbols such as Abbott + Wade may not be accepted).

   Payments by bank transfer:

   Ref: Your Name and Customer Reference

   Sort Code:  30-90-16         Account Number:  29438060

   Payments by Credit & Debit card:

   Card payments can be made by telephoning our office on 01744 634442.

01744 634 442