Replacement Balustrades: Before and After

Solid Balustrades Don’t get us wrong, a solid balustrade is a great design feature in any home and can complement almost any look with ease. However, in an area in which natural light may be at a premium, it may not necessarily be the best choice. As we all know, light is the key to making a …

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New Staircase Or A Staircase Renovation

Should You Choose A New Staircase or A Staircase Renovation?

New Staircase Or A Staircase RenovationWhen it comes to changing your staircase there are countless options for you to choose from. Which materials should you use? Which style should you implement? One of the main choices you need to make is if you are going to opt for a full overhaul with a completely new staircase or to simply rejuvenate your existing flight with a staircase renovation.

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Staircase Stories: Mr & Mrs Tye, Burton-On-Trent

As trends and styles change, it makes sense to move with the times. Mr & Mr Tye decided to do the same. With the rest of the home already updated, it was time to replace the existing dark staircases with oak and glass. This would not only be in keeping with other decor in the house, but would brighten and invigorate the whole of the hall, stairs and landing.

We are really glad that made the decision to go with Abbott-Wade for our new staircase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Popular Spindle Styles

Abbott-Wade Spindles

Timber Spindles

Because every home is unique and every homeowner has a style of their own, every staircase installed by Abbott-Wade is bespoke. Our range of spindles caters for all tastes and styles in a variety of hardwoods including oak, walnut, ash, sapele or in a stained or painted finish. Our colour compliment service means that our spindles are available in a natural finish or with custom paint or stain to suit your interior styling.

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Popular Handrail Styles

Abbott-Wade Handrails


Timber Handrails

Every staircase installed by Abbott-Wade is bespoke using a range and combination of components to make each installation perfect for every home.

Our standard range of handrails provide options for every home and staircase style whether a glass or timber installation is required and are available in a variety of hardwoods including oak, walnut, ash, sapele or in a stained or painted finish. Of all the components of a staircase, the handrail takes a considerable amount of were and tear which is why we use high quality timbers, lacquers and paints.

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Different Parts of a Staircase

The Different Parts of a Staircase

Staircase PartsThe vast majority of homes have a staircase, and as we know they are an integral part of the style and design of the whole property. For more than two decades Abbott-Wade have been at the forefront of staircase renovation and refurbishment work, using a massive variety of staircase parts to create new bespoke flights in houses up and down the country.

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NHS Discount – A Thank You from Us to You

Special NHS Discount

We’re a family business and we’ve needed the services of our wonderful NHS many times over the years with the birth of new family members and the inevitable accidents that all families have. The NHS staff have helped the Abbott-Family through good times and bad. With this in mind we just wanted to say ‘Thank You’.
Thank you to all those working on the Front Line of the NHS and behind the scenes. We’re grateful of everything you do!
Thank you is an easy thing to say, so we’re making a further gesture to all the NHS staff – Show your NHS Card to our designer during their initial visit and they’ll apply our special discount with a reduction from the list price.

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