When you come across a well maintained wooden staircase that perfectly fits the theme of the building it is in, you’re instantly in awe, right? Of course you are. If given the special status they deserve, these constructions can be a thing of real beauty. Whether the wood is left bare so you can witness its natural grain, or it is painted to perfectly complement surrounding walls and furniture, you’ll be hard pressed to find a staircase finish that excels more than wood!

So, now we’ve done enough talking about the ease with which it can improve the look of your home, lets show you how this staircase design can do just that…

Painted staircase

Choosing to have a wood staircase in your home gives you many options to choose from by way of its finish. Of course, a lick of paint can work wonders, and if you want the colour of your home to be consistent or would like the colour of your stairs to perfectly harmonize with your walls or surrounding furniture, these kind of painted staircases present you with a blank canvas to do so.

At Abbott-Wade, we can do the brainstorming with you, so you can have our expert opinion on what will produce the most timeless look around. However, the appearance of your staircase is entirely at your discretion, so think carefully about what colour you want your painted staircase to be. Once you paint over them, you can never get that original, natural shade back!

Have you thought about your handrail?

When coming up with their ideal staircase design ideas, many people disregard the handrail. This can often be an oversight that hinders your overall product, as the handrail can be the stand out feature of your staircase, if chosen correctly. At Abbott-Wade we have installed many continuous handrails for customers up and down the country, and it is easy to see why they are so popular! They look the part on both traditional and contemporary staircases, giving them a versatility that is not seen with many staircase components.

They allow your staircase to flow seamlessly from one level to another, without making the change in level obvious. This is especially useful if you have a kite winder staircase or want to extend your handrail to the landing so you can use this feature as extra safety when attaching two staircases in the home.

What kind of spindle works for you?

When you think about your ideal staircase ideas, it is inevitable that you will consider spindles.

Spindles can help to give your staircase that uniqueness it deserves. Aside from the obvious difference in materials and colours to choose from, you should also give some thought about what pattern you may like to give your staircase that wow factor that you are looking for.

Abbott-Wade have used their expertise in the staircase industry to provide a variety of spindles to home owners all over England. We even have a selection of these on site so you can see them for yourself, including sleek straight spindles, something a little more asymmetrical with our iD EZ models or a windy option with the full-twist spindles available to look at and draw inspiration from for yourself.

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