If you take any interest in what modern staircase design ideas entail, then we are sure you would have noticed that glass has boomed in popularity over recent years. This spike in intrigue from modern homeowners has caused a great buzz in the staircase industry. People are finding more and more creative ways to incorporate glass into their staircase design, so we are sure that this design is here for the foreseeable.

Here at Abbott-Wade, we have been asked to create and install many different kinds of glass staircase for our customers! As a result, we feel that we are well placed to give you some things to think about before you go full steam ahead on the glass staircase of your dreams. They have many different elements that can be customised to fit your requirements. So let’s take a look, shall we?

What are the benefits of a glass staircase?

First, let’s see exactly why glass staircases are so popular, appearing more and more in homes around the globe. From a design standpoint, they are effortlessly stylish and well-suited to all modern homes. Their clear and concise appearance allows for a seamless transition between floors in the home.

They are also a great way of making your space brighter, which could be something you have been missing in your home, especially during the summer months. Sure, artificial light is necessary and useful, but the addition of natural light flooding in from the outdoors helps to enhance the look of your interior décor further.

Sound like good enough reason to go for glass? Let’s find out how you can shape your staircase to be exactly what you are looking for…

How should you shape your glass balustrades?

Balustrades can be customised in a diverse range of different ways. The idea of a plain sheet of glass doesn’t sound too appealing, we get it. However, we have seen many glass staircase ideas that have incorporated intriguing glass bannisters that fit the shape of their staircase perfectly. Rather than a singular rectangle balustrade that runs up the stairs, why not shape it to match your treads, keeping a consistent design all the way up (or down!) your staircase?

Here at Abbott-Wade, we can make your creative balustrade ideas a reality, with the very best glass that is cut to precision, shaping perfectly around your treads to maintain a sharp, powerful look. Come and browse through our glass staircase options for yourself to get inspired!

Are white and glass a good mix?

A white staircase is something that has been popular for many years now, but does this seemingly timeless colour work well with glass? The short answer to this is yes, absolutely! White helps to create a minimalist look in your home, which is what many people are striving for these days. This is supported by the clarity of glass, giving your home a “less is more” feel, and making it stand out as a thing of beauty.

Moreover, this sleek look will help you rejuvenate your home from something old and quite frankly stale, into a refreshing area to live. Its stand out colour ensures that will never grow tired of looking at your gorgeous staircase.  You’ll want to show it off to friends when they visit too!

What type of glass is best for you?

Many different types of glass can be used to create a staircase balustrade. However, at Abbott-Wade, we only ever use the very best. We’re the first to market with Optiwhite™ low-iron balustrade glass, knowing the quality that it has. This glass is practically colourless, allowing for full, high-quality natural light to beam through your home, without a tint disrupting its effect.

We work with Pilkington Glass, one of the leading glass suppliers in the UK to use this top of the range product on your staircase, giving you a new design you are happy with, every time!

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