In the last 20-30 years, the world has changed so much to a point where it has become unrecognisable from where it was in the 1980s-90s. Nowadays, we don’t even have to enter our bank pin number anymore, and can talk to our home to turn off the lights or TV with ease. So you’d think with this level of convenience already at our fingertips, we’d have all resorted to standing or sitting on a platform instead of actually climbing stairs using our legs, right?

Wrong. The invention of elevators has been a great way of elevating those who have mobility problems in a safe manner, but a glorious staircase still has a special place in our heart.

Here at Abbott-Wade, we decided to try and figure out why…

If it ain’t broke…

Staircases have been around for literally thousands of years, so what is the point of going through the hassle of fundamentally changing them now? Of course, elevators have become a revolutionary invention for both convenience and to assist those that struggle with mobility, but a staircase has always been a viable option of getting from A to B.

The sheer heritage of the staircase should prove to be the perfect reason as to why they have been around for so long, are the option of the present and are sure to stay with us in the future.

A simple option

When you think about staircases in their most basic form, they are just steps that are built to lead you to an elevated destination. That’s it. No frills, no mechanisms, no moving parts. This is why they were designed in 470-480BC; do you think they had stairlifts back then?

The simplicity of staircases means that they can be implemented anywhere, and used by almost anyone, and, let’s face it, why should we delve into anything too complicated when we have something so simple right in front of us?

Customise them as you wish

The function of a staircase may be a fairly simple (and essential) one, but this shouldn’t stop you from stamping your creative inspiration on this piece of furniture. Of course, in some settings, it may make more sense to opt for a plain concrete wall surrounding your stairs in less glamorous areas. But, if you are afforded the luxury of customisation, then why not use it to your advantage.

Be sure to browse through our wide variety of staircase designs for homes amongst other facilities to find a type of staircase that perfectly suits your vision.

All shapes and sizes

One of the main features of a staircase that maintains its vital function in today’s society is its versatility. How many times have you walked up a small staircase to reach someone’s front door? Or a winding staircase that has got you to where you need to be? Staircases are a great way of saving space, with their existing design likely to have this in mind. So any staircase remodels that are performed nowadays usually consider this and use it to their advantage.

If you have an awkward space that would benefit from a bespoke staircase, then Abbott-Wade is on hand to help with our wealth of experience and expertise in the area.

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