Handrails are a crucial part of a staircase. A staircase that is without a handrail is deemed highly unsafe for use, and quite simply will not function as it should. Now, we know you might be deep in the process of looking at a new staircase for your home, but have you considered your handrails yet? If not, now may be a perfect time, so you can become familiar with all the different kinds of handrails out there, there is quite a lot you know!

So let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of stair handrail you can implement into your home, shall we?

Handrail materials

Handrails can benefit from a variety of finishes, which are usually the same materials that the bulk of your staircase are built around. Wood or metal handrails are popular, and almost always complement the main material of your staircase. This allows for a consistent theme to be had throughout the design.

Whatever material you decide on, you can rest assured it will be durable and made to last. It is likely that your handrails will be gripped every time someone takes the stairs, to go up or down, so they will need to withstand the force that is placed upon them. There is no outright material that is more durable than the other, so whether you choose an oak staircase or any other material, you should do so based on how it looks as opposed to how sturdy it is.

Handrail styles

There are many styles of handrails and are usually the way designers insert a little creativity into a staircase. Most people tend to opt for a standard pattern on their treads, and then switch up the design on their handrail. This could be a quirky shape or design at the base of the staircase or curvature of the handrail that follows the incline of the stairs themselves.

The choice is entirely yours, whether you are looking at building a new staircase from scratch or are looking for a staircase renovation. You could look towards a straight handrail, a curved one, or even a design that incorporates the two!

Types of handrail

Now that you’ve decided on how you want your handrail to look, now is the time to decide if you would like a wall-mounted handrail or not. These are arguably the safer option, especially if you have young children, as these will always be in easy reach. However, it is worth noting that this extra handrail will cost more.

The wall-mounted handrail has increased in popularity over the years and can easily be integrated into the design of your home, and indeed your staircase! Whether you are looking for a natural wooden look, or a clean metal handrail to go with your steel staircase, a wall-mounted handrail will have you covered! The chosen material or colour can complement or contrast with the ball behind it seamlessly, leading to it becoming just as much as an aesthetic option than a practical one!

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