Things to consider when renovating your staircase

If you are deciding on a whole new staircase to become the centrepiece of your home, you are bound to have a million and one staircase ideas running through your head at once. This is understandable, as redeveloping such a vital part of the home can be a very exciting time.

But in times like this, it is important to think with an ounce of conservatism at least. As, if not a staircase expert, your design ideas may be flawed in one way or another. This is where the team at Abbott-Wade can help with our experience and professional knowledge in the area.

To get a head start in the process, here are some things to consider before turning to an expert…

Type of staircase

Would you like one long flight of stairs or a landing in the middle to break things up? This is mostly dependant on the space you have downstairs and how you can successfully make this lead to an upstairs area. Often in smaller houses, we see a straight staircase do the trick, with not much consideration placed on what kind of staircase would suit your home the best. If a windy staircase is one you have always dreamed of, then think about how this could impact the rest of your home, and if it makes sense to install this kind of staircase before you actually implement it.

For advice on which kind of staircase is best for your staircase renovation, then be sure to contact the experts at Abbott-Wade we will be happy to give you the best solution to incorporate your ideal type of staircase to your home or property.

Space efficiency

Having your dream staircase on paper is one thing, but does the space in your building allow it? Often we see people come to us with their design in mind but is not physically feasible due to the constraints on space. With this in mind, we recommend that you give firm consideration to the measurements in your home before thinking of a staircase design too ambitious. This will only leave you disappointed if it cannot be built in just the way that you want it, forcing you to rethink your design anyway.


One of the main aspects of the staircase should be safety. This is regardless of whether you have renovated a brand new staircase or have had the stairs many years. They can be a very dangerous place, especially if ascended and descended quickly, so incorporating a safety aspect into your design could prevent a lot of accidents in the future!

This should include finer details such as ensuring a safe distance from the ceiling at all times to avoid a nasty bang on the head (especially for someone who is on the taller side!), or gaps between treads to avoid catching your feet in between and encountering a nasty fall.

These are just three considerations you should be making before you go full throttle towards a staircase refurbishment, but there are many more factors that could cross your mind in this time where the ideas are flowing. There are a lot of aspects that are involved in making the perfect staircase for your personal taste, the look you are going for, and your logistical needs, so be sure to map out all of this before you decide on a final staircase design.

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