It’s a new year – a new decade even – so what better time for a change? Are you ready to embrace 2020 and transform the look of your home with a whole new staircase design? Then let the multi-award winning team here at Abbot Wade help.

Stairs are a key feature in your home but can often be overlooked, seen instead as a practical necessity rather than a design feature. A tired, neglected staircase can easily make a home feel out of date, but by giving it a whole new look, your house can feel revitalised for years to come.

Beat those January blues, and create a new lease of life for your property, with a staircase renovation:

Open tread staircases

Open tread staircases are growing in popularity and it isn’t difficult to understand why. They look great, allow the flow of natural light and help to create a sense of space in a home that may be void of it.

To perform this restoration, we will remove the carpet from your flight of stairs (if you have one) and take out the wood that closes off the treads. We will clad over the existing components of your staircase and create the illusion of a new staircase while maintaining the charm and character of your old one. This can usually be done in a single day, as our experienced team at Abbott-Wade look to achieve your dream staircase as efficiently as possible.

Sandblasted glass staircase renovation

If it’s light that you’re after then another way of adding more natural light to your space can be with the use of sandblasted glass to create a frosted look that is popular with contemporary flights of stairs. This refurbishment is normally a simple process for our experts, replacing any existing spindles you have with a sheet of this wonderfully modern material to instantly rejuvenate your staircase.

We often find that it is a popular move to replace an older staircase that fills the space, with something that can let natural light shine through creating a brighter more welcoming home.

This sandblasted effect works perfectly if you are looking to achieve natural light without using fully transparent glass and can, with a staircase refurbishment, can transform the look of your home.

Adding hardwood treads to your staircase

When people come to us asking about a staircase renovation, most of the time they talk about wanting to add a wooden element to their staircase. Recently this has changed from adding oak spindles to wanting to change their staircase to include hardwood treads to their staircase, minus the carpet.

When we respond with “ok, no problem!”, customers are often surprised that we can provide a refurb that allows for oak treads. Due to the extent of our industry skill and knowhow, we are able to provide this here at Abbott-Wade.

Old staircase renovation is made easy by our skilled installation professionals. They cleverly clad over any softwood treads with a solid oak finish, creating the appearance of a new solid oak staircase. We ensure that we make these safe to use to avoid any slip hazard by finishing this with a non-slip coating.

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