A clean staircase is one that you can be proud of and gives off the best possible impression to any potential visitors. It also makes sure that your home is hygienic as possible so you can avoid any unwanted bacteria or dirt that could attract some unwelcome visitors!

At Abbott-Wade, we understand the importance of keeping your staircase clean, and want you to keep your stylish staircase in perfect condition for many years to come, as this is possible if maintained. Here we take you through some steps to take to keep your staircase clean and sleek.

How to clean a glass staircase

If you have a glass staircase, adding a contemporary, modern look to your home, then you are going to want it looking clear and fresh, right? With a glass staircase, you will have to keep on top of how clean it is, as it can easily succumb to marks from dust or dirt. This shows too, as the clear glass that you had when it was first installed may not last for very long!

It is easy to avoid this happening, by using a cotton cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust after some warm water and soap solution has been applied, you will find your glass staircase looking as good as new! Still interested in how to uphold your glass staircase? Take a look at our blog post now.

How to clean a wood staircase

With a wooden staircase, it is very likely you will be cleaning the steps as well as the wooden balustrades, so it is important to work from top to bottom, to avoid any slip hazards. Before cleaning your steps, you should sweep with a broom and collect and loose dirt at the bottom of the stairs or vacuum. This will then leave you with any dirt that has set into the wood and is a little harder to remove.

You should carefully consider the finish of your wood here and purchase a cleaner that is applicable to this finish. Once you have applied this with a mop, leave to set for a while before drying off any last areas to have your wood staircase looking in perfect condition once more.

How to clean a steel staircase

A steel staircase is also easy to clean, and can be achieved in a few simple steps that will allow your interior stairs to look contemporary for years to come. To clean your steel staircases, be sure to remove all debris with a brush or broom, much like you would on a wooden staircase.

Then use a sponge and some warm water with cleaning detergent included to wipe away any excess debris that is still visible. Then simply rinse and dry with clean water and a cloth, to have your stainless steel staircase back at its sparkling best.

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