Staircase SpindlesSpindles are a great way to add style to your staircase. When undergoing a staircase renovation or if you are having a completely new flight installed then the spindles you choose will have a massive say on the overall final look of your staircase. Abbott-Wade who have been performing work on staircases since the mid-1990s have extensive experience when it comes to assessing and advising on the choosing the right spindles for your staircase.

What is a Spindle?

A staircase spindle, which is occasionally known as a baluster, is a post which connects the bottom or base of your staircase to the handrail which runs parallel. We can design and provide spindle styles to suit an assortment of staircases such as closed string, which is where the spindles are fixed between a handrail and base rail, or cut string, which is where the risers and treads are open and without a base rail. See images below.Closed String Stairs and Cut String Stairs

Spindles Materials

Because of the wide range of materials we use to create our bespoke staircase designs we can also incorporate a variety of spindle materials into the staircases we provide. Abbott-Wade customers can choose from the following spindle types when discussing with designers what style of staircase they would like.

  • Timber Spindles
  • Iron Spindles
  • Steel Spindles
  • Glass Spindles

For more traditional staircase types, usually timber spindles are used to maintain that classic look and feel. We can provide wooden spindles in a multitude of finishes such as Oak, Sapele, Mahogany or any of our painted coats.

Our Iron and Steel spindles can add a luxury feel to any property style. Abbott-Wade metal spindles are available in a Buckingham, Sandringham or Windsor design while we also have ripple and wave options for your staircase. Steel spindles are normally considered to be amongst the more durable spindles types as they are excellent for absorbing the impacts a staircase undergoes over the years once correctly installed in a home.

One of the newer, more modern style of staircase spindle is a glass spindle. More and more homeowners are choosing to include glass in their staircase design as it can bring a more open feel to your hallway as well as increasing the amount of the light that flows through your home.

Because of the bespoke nature of all the staircases we refurbish or replace it is even possible to combine any of these materials together to create a truly unique flight. We also supply newel posts to complete your staircase design.

Spindles Design

When it comes to choosing the kind of spindles you want for your staircase the best course of action is discussing the matter with one of our design team. Their many years of experience come in very handy for advising you on which spindles type and materials to use.

If you have any questions regarding spindles or anything else to do with staircases then please get in touch with Abbott-Wade’s professional team by giving us a call on 01744 634442. You can also contact us online via email or by completing our enquiry form.

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