Glass Staircases Blog Abbott-WadeIn many homes across the country a simple wooden or carpeted staircase with a regular bannister will suffice so when they choose to renovate and redecorate certain aspects of their home, their staircase is usually overlooked.

Abbott-Wade, a staircase specialist company, has been at the forefront of staircase changes for more than 20 years. We provide countless options for you to choose from when you feel your staircase could do with refreshing and many of our most popular styles involve glass staircase panels.

We first began to supply staircases to homes in 1996 and as the years have gone on we have developed into one of the country’s leading staircase firms, providing staircase renovations and new flights to homes all around the UK, and all while still working out of our North West base.

Glass Staircase Panels

When we visit homes to discuss ways of modernising and improving their staircases one of the things that often first gets brought to our attention by customers is that they wish to increase the amount of light that pours through their home and that their current staircase is actually blocking or reducing the flow of light in their house. That is where glass staircase panels come in very handy.

By installing a glass staircase in your house instead of a more traditional staircase style you give your hallway a far better chance of seeing light all the way through the room. The best thing about glass staircase panels is they look equally good when paired with timber handrails and treads as they do as a standalone frameless panel. Our standalone panels are actually 5mm thicker than our standard glass panels to provide extra stability and strength, although we can only offer these particular panels on new flights of stairs.

Glass Staircases

One of the best ways to modernise a home is through the use of glass in the staircase. Our range of glass panels options means we can easily design and then build a staircase using sandblasted or bronzed glass staircase panels to create a truly unique style. We can also provide shaped cut glass, diminishing glass balustrades, glass spindles and many more glass staircase panel styles all of which are capable of providing you with a gorgeous renovation of your existing staircase or a completely new staircase design.

Despite the fact that many people consider glass to be a frail material, you can rest assured that your new staircase will be a perfectly safe structure as all the glass staircases that we provide at Abbott-Wade are installed by fully trained, handpicked designers, fitters and aftercare staff. This allows us to supply secure staircases to all of our customers even if they contain a glass panel in their design.If you have any queries about our glass staircases or you wish to know how to integrate a glass staircase panel into your existing structure, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Abbott-Wade team on 01744 634442. Alternatively, you can contact us online by emailing us or filling out our enquiry form.Glass Staircase Panels Blog Abbott-Wade

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