Glass Staircases BlogHere at Abbott-Wade, we have been performing staircase renovations and refurbishments for over 20 years. As our business has grown over the years going from strength to strength, many staircase design trends have come and gone.

Currently, one of our most favoured staircase products is our glass staircases. The use of glass staircase panels allows more light to pour through your home while adding a sense of elegance and style to your hallway.

Glass Staircase

Our glass staircases can modernise a home and all of our glass staircase panels are made from 10mm thick reinforced Pilkington glass. This means you can rest assured knowing that as well as having a gorgeous new staircase you will have added a strong and safe staircase to your home. Making sure a staircase is solid and secure is paramount to every Abbott-Wade staircase renovation.

The benefits of a glass staircase are endless. A traditional style home can be transformed with the introduction of glass to an older style staircase. With the staircase often being the focal point of any home, or the first thing you see when you come through the door, the use of glass in your staircase add a contemporary feel to your house.

Glass Staircase Panels

Our glass staircase renovations can include the following glass staircase panels:

The use of sandblasted glass staircase panels or bronzed glass staircase panels is offered as a stylish alternative to regular clear glass used in the majority of our glass staircases. If you are looking for something a little different when deciding the design for your staircase renovation, then one of the quirkier Abbott-Wade glass panels could be the way to go.

Usually combined with oak to transform a staircase, our customers can choose from a multitude of glass staircase styles and our staircase design ideas can fit any existing staircase or new staircase plan.

Our glass staircase design ideas can be implemented into your home in just one day depending on the original condition of the staircase. The process begins when one of our designers sits down with you to discuss what style of glass staircase panels you would wish to use and then from there the construction stage begins once a style that you are wholly happy with has been agreed upon.

All the Abbott-Wade glass staircases work is performed by fully trained Abbott-Wade staff from the designers to the fitters to the staff who work in the aftercare of your staircase. All of our employees have been specifically selected by our directors to make sure they fit up to the standards expected of staff at the North West’s Best Small Business.Glass Staircase Panels Blog

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