Looking to make a bold, eye catching statement in your home? Metal stair spindles are the exact addition you need in order to achieve this effect. They create an air of strong elegance that everyone is looking for in their living space, as well as offering a surprisingly versatile option that can be the perfect fit when planning your dream staircase design.

Here at Abbott-Wade, we ensure that our selection of metal spindles is wide ranging, to give you the best possible choice of fine additions to your interior décor. They come in traditional styles such as the slender Buckingham & Sandringham spindles that can truly promote a life of luxury whilst giving a subtle nod to times gone by. They taper towards a classic knuckle or the grander basket design of the Windsor.

Alternatively, you may want to opt for a more contemporary design, in which the unique flowing lines of our Ripple and Wave spindles add a modern twist to this style of spindle. Spindles are so versatile in their final look that you can spend hours and hours perfecting your ideal design, ensuring only the very best is added to your property.

metal spindles

Each of our modern metal stair spindles is durable and made to last. They are forged from steel, which is generally considered to be a more durable option than the cast iron and wrought iron you would see in designs of yesteryear. Steel is now used as the primary material for metal stair spindles as it is much better at absorbing impact and withstanding stress and strain, which is a crucial attribute to have when located on a staircase high above the ground.

In turn, this means that the traditional black colour of the spindles is created by our in-house spraying processes rather than any inherent properties of the metal. Consequently, previous customers that we have helped at Abbott-Wade have opted for custom colours to complement the existing colourway of their property, including white, gold, silver and pewter. This has had an incredible effect on all staircases and has left customers extremely happy with their unique addition.

Further customised touches to your metal stair spindles can be implemented to add to the individual nature of each staircase. These can be added by either using only metal spindles, using them to interspace wooden spindles or even combining them with other materials, such as glass.

Forged Steel Spindles:

forged steel spindles forged steel spindles forged steel spindles forged steel spindles  black forged steel and oak stairs  modern metal stair spindles

Abbott-Wade provide the very best in forged steel spindles, which can be pre-finished in a range of bespoke colours to ensure the installation is truly unique and meets your specific preferences. Because the pitch of each staircase varies from property to property, we pre-drill the stair rails to the exact angle and spacings needed for each installation, to ensure each spindle is the perfect fit and doesn’t look out of place.

Steel & Glass:

glass gallery balustrade with customer painted forged steel wave spindles in silver up stairway  metal spindles metal stair spindles

For many, this may not seem like an obvious combination, but it can produce incredible, unexpected results. Working with both of these materials at the same time can have a stunning impact, as we appreciate the elegance that both steel and glass have whilst working individually. Pairing them as a team is a no brainer!

The images above show just how metal spindles can be combined with glass spindles to great effect. These spindles create a vibrant variation in colours, and once these complement your choice of timber, your staircase will have a unique style and personality you can be proud of.

Steel & Wood:

oak and metal spindles     basket spindles double knuckle metal spindles

Another combination that you may not come to expect, but as more and more homeowners are broadening their horizons when it comes to staircase ideas, steel and wood has grown in popularity. By combining metal stair spindles with woods such as oak, you are left with a strong statement in a timeless design that won’t risk looking dated for the foreseeable future.

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