Mr & Mrs Cooke in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire had been without a staircase balustrade for many years and the advent of grandchildren prompted concerns for the safety of visiting youngsters. A new balustrade in-keeping with the rest of the staircase was needed, not a problem for the Staircase Specialists! Big or small, there’s a solution for all.

“Your prices were keen and your designs suited what we needed.” 




Why a new staircase?

When we moved into this house 40 years ago, we removed the dining room wall and the original staircase banister to give more light and more room to the hallway.


Staircase 008Inspiration:

Despite the fact that none of our children had ever fallen down the stairs because there was no banister, the advent of a grandson prompted us to think about its replacement.


Decision making process:

What what a lot of staircase companies there are! It took many visits by their representatives and an amazingly wide variation in the prices quoted before we decided on Abbott-Wade. Your prices were keen and your designs suited what we needed.


Style choice:

We opted for a plain glass banister panel with white woodwork to match the existing staircase furniture. It was chosen to retain the original impression of light and space to the hall and stairs.

Staircase 012
End result:

We and others think that the final result looks as though it has always been there and matches the rest of the house. The process of installation was excellently carried out.

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