Wlocal lifee’re very proud of our heritage. While we offer our service nationwide installing and renovating staircases all over the country, we’ve always been very proud of our roots and enjoy serving and investing in our local community. It’s part of being a family business and holding onto traditional values; attributes which help to set us apart from other companies. Local Life magazine recognised this and we were delighted when they invited us to feature in the July 2015 edition of their magazine celebrating our successes. You can read the article below.

Stepping Up In Style

Abbott-Wade is proud to be one of our local success stories.

Established in 1996 by close friends Mike Wade and Craig Abbott; it specialises in staircase renovations with a reputation for quality craftsmanship which stretches from Scotland to the South Coast.

As family men running a family business, they value the same things as the rest of us; honesty, hard-work, quality and value for money. What’s more, because of Mike and Craig’s hands-on style of leadership, they have trained and nurtured their workforce; instilling the same values upon them which has served their business so well for almost 20 years.

In addition to employing local joiners, the two talented apprentices who recently gained their qualifications are among many who have passed through their ranks over the years; learning the skills and techniques needed to achieve high standards of craftsmanship and gaining recognised qualifications along the way. Not only is this Abbott- Wade’s way of investing back to our community, but by employing and training their own staff, they ensure that each tradesperson they employ is capable of working to their high standards.

While your staircase is a central feature of your home and usually the first thing people see when they enter, it’s very often overlooked. The good news is that Abbott-Wade can transform the heart of your home for less than you think and in many cases in just one day. While a complete new flight is sometimes needed, they also offer a convenient and affordable alternative to the upheaval of having your whole staircase ripped out. By replacing your existing balustrading and cladding over other structural elements in quality veneers, they can give the impression of a complete new staircase and with minimal disruption.

What’s more, regardless of whether you opt for a timber, metal spindles or glass balustrade, because their staircases are all pre-finished there is no work required by you afterwards regardless of whether you opt for hardwoods such as oak and walnut, or a painted finish.

Abbott-Wade understand the importance of trust and always provide a professional yet friendly and reliable service, never losing sight of the fact they are working in your home. There’s no hard sell and the fact that most of their business is generated through word of mouth recommendations is testament to this.

So when you choose Abbott-Wade for your renovation, you’re not choosing another faceless corporation to work in your home, you’re choosing a family-run business with a genuine commitment to completing a quality staircase installation using local craftsmen who share the same values as you. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe their service will!


You can visit Local Life Media on their website or on their Twitter feed.



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