Directors Craig Abbott & Mike Wade proudly putting their names above the Main Reception at our new premises.

We delighted to announce that we have moved to a new premises in Golborne. It’s not only a investment to ensure the future of our family business for the next generation but we’ve also made a huge investment allowing us to achieve our environmental goals of reducing our impact on the planet for future generations of the Abbott-Wade Family.Existing Commitments

We’ve always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified suppliers to ensure the timber we use is from environmentally responsible sources. Our precision mitred oak newels are not only superior to the laminated posts used by our competitors but are also more environmentally sustainable as they result in a significant reduction of oak wastage.

We’ve always corresponded by email to reduce waste, printed our brochure on recycled paper and used FSC Certified paper in our office. Waste wood has always been made available to members of the local community to be burned to keep homes warm or reclaimed by local businesses like Northern Strongboards to be transformed into bespoke goods with the remaining waste being recycled locally. We’ve always worked hard to schedule our installations carefully to reduce the amount of fuel our vans burn and use local suppliers as much as possible to support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our new premises comes with all the features you’d expect of Abbott-Wade, an in-house Spray Shop to allow all our staircases to be pre-finished to the highest standards, a custom-fitted work shop where our skilled craftsmen manufacture stair components and a brand new office for our friendly and efficient team ensure the installations process runs smoothly for all our clients.A New Green Investment

Solar Panels adorn the roof of our Golborne home providing clean energy to power our operations hub. We can be assured that not a light or computer in our office or the machinery in our warehouse and workshop has been powered using damaging fossil fuels!

We’ve also made a huge investment to ensure the waste wood from manufacturing and the old staircases we remove are turned into a renewable fuel source. We’ve revolutionised our waste management by sending almost nothing to landfill or burning diesel to take our waste away. We’ve invested in the resources to turn the old staircases we remove into wood chippings and, in turn, briquettes. This sustainable biofuel produces less CO2 than fossil fuels and burns hotter than wood. Our clever machinery also separates any metal fixings such as nails and screws from old staircases which can be sent for recycling. These briquettes are used to heat the Abbott-Wade building in the winter months in our special Heater Unit complying with the latest emission  regulations and the Clean Air Act which with surplus supplies being donated within the local community to keep some of our most vulnerable neighbours safe and warm.

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