If you’re looking to revamp your hallway with an aesthetically appealing and robust new staircase, then look no further than a polished stainless steel staircase. As visually striking as they are durable, it’s unsurprising that many people are turning away from traditional wooden balustrades in favour of this material.

Why stainless steel staircases are a popular choice

There are several benefits to installing polished stainless steel staircases, making them an increasingly popular choice with both home and business owners.

Polished stainless steel staircases are extremely versatile

We can design bespoke metal staircases in a variety of shapes and sizes, as steel is such a versatile material. So, whether you’d like a simple, elegant, modern, or sleek vibe, we’ll work with you to create a polished stainless steel staircase that’s in keeping with your style.

Steel handrails can also be paired with other design materials, such as wood or glass to create unique and stunning looks.

Polished stainless steel staircases require minimal maintenance

Polished stainless steel handrails or spindles require hardly any maintenance. Unlike wooden staircases, metal stairs don’t need painting, sealing, or varnishing to keep their outstanding appearance.

Polished stainless steel staircases are incredibly durable

Metal staircases, such as those made from polished stainless steel, are built to stand the test of time. They are extremely resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations, and won’t warp, as can sometimes be the case with wooden staircases.

Polished stainless steel staircases are so robust that they can be used outdoors as well as indoors – withstanding wind and rain.

Stainless steel staircase design ideas

Glass and chrome, whether polished or brushed, adds a very clean, modern style which can be softened by the warmer tones of oak. A further bespoke twist could involve using one of our special stains such as the black Wenge stained oak photographed below.

With a trailblazing and highly specific design brief, this new flight pairs bewitching black stained oak with pristine stainless steel baluster posts and rails, to house our 10mm toughened glass. In this example, combining oak, steel and glass delivered an ultra-modern staircase, leaving mediocrity far behind.

All new open-tread staircases are now required by law to use downstands to reduce the gap between treads, lowering the risk of accidents. Our stylish solution of using glass in our open-tread staircases enhances style and light flow, rather than compromising them – just take a look at the photographs below.

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