Usually, staircases are designed primarily for function. However, just because it is small and narrow, it doesn’t mean that your staircase shouldn’t be just as much of a representation of your personal style as the rest of your house. While grand stairways are common in mansions, for the majority of homes, stairs don’t live up to their full interior décor potential.

If you would like your home to have a creative stairway that isn’t just noticed when you are moving from one floor to another, specialists from an interior design company in Dubai share below six ways to step up your home’s style with the right staircase design.

1. Choose the right colour

The most obvious way to step up your stairway style is to get a new staircase with a statement colour. A bold staircase colour can instantly add a powerful sense of personality to your home. Choose a colour in a shade that works with your overall colour scheme and room styling.

Alternatively, you could consider contrasting the colours and use a dark/light contrast to transform them into a focal point of the space. But if you want eyes to be drawn to the movement of the stairs, go for a stronger interplay between the lights and the darks.

2. Mix up styles, colours and materials

Another way to add a dramatic statement is to concentrate on just one part of the stairs. The spindles are a great section to try out colours and designs. Whether you decide to stick with one solid colour or take inspiration from the ombre trend and paint them with the gradual fading of a color from dark to light, it is sure to spice up your staircase.

For more creative painting ideas, you can always talk with your interior designer.

3. Get fancy with the railings

Usually, railings are the most creative aspect of a staircase. Luckily, there are many beautiful and unique options on the market, so you need to consider what style will flow with the rest of your décor.

Perhaps you live in a modern home. In this case, you could experiment by choosing a custom-designed staircase with a toughened staircase enclosure. Alternatively, an older home with many wood elements would be the ideal design for heavy wood stair rails.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that the more ornate the railing, the bigger the area is needed. As such, a tighter staircase needs straighter lines in its railing.

4. Arrange a gallery wall

Another way to step up your home’s staircase interior design is to create a gallery wall along the stairs.

To arrange framed photos beautifully and in a balanced manner along the wall, first, re-create the shape and scale of the angled stairwell wall on the ground. Next, set the frames on the floor in the manner you would like to see them on the wall.

This allows you to move them around and see an overall view of how the gallery wall will look. When you are satisfied, take a photo of them arranged on the floor and begin hanging them in their spot on the wall.

By hanging antique portraits, vibrant art or travel souvenirs in your stairwell, you will create a unique look that will also serve as a great conversation starter.

via Bless’er House

5. Use materials to cover them

There are plenty of different materials that you can use to step up the design of your staircase. Tiles can be stunning and demonstrate cultural design influences. A decorative floral fabric placed on the inside of each step, on the other hand, can add a quirky, charming look to the stairs.

Carpets are useful if you have small children or dogs in the house; but if not, you can just add carpet to the center part of the stairs for a more luxurious look.

For those who are nervous about committing to a carpet, simply add a decorative stair runner to the entire length of your staircase. You can even change it around throughout the year as seasonal decor.

6. Add storage

Some staircases can be far more than just a staircase. Depending on the design you have planned with your interior fit-out company, you could potentially combine their structure with another purpose. For example, they could be transformed into shelves. If there is a lot of room beneath them, you could create a work area or library. Of course, to be practical, you can also build storage into them as well.

Your stairway doesn’t just have to be a home feature that will allow you, your family, and guests to move from one floor to another. With some creative thinking and planning and help from experts (if you need some assistance), you can transform your stairs to another appealing and functional focal area of your home.


Shane Curran

CEO at Interact Group LLC

Interact Group is a design-led interior fit out company that aims to set new standards in the UAE interiors market. Driven by their dedication to total customer experience, the company’s mission is to bring truly specialized teams to complex design and fit out challenges, utilizing their unmatched ability to deliver spaces efficiently and above expectation.

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