Choosing the right artwork your stairway

We work in different homes nationwide and see some beautiful examples of artwork complementing the home. It can be framed or a canvas, a wall mounted masterpiece or a freestanding sculpture. As far as we can see, there is no right or wrong approach. There are many similarities between the art chosen for a home and an Abbott-Wade staircase. They should reflect the character of your home and personality as well as complementing their surroundings. Here are some of our favourite examples we’ve seen on our travels.

Abstract Art & Colour

A mono-colour framed piece with a thick matching frame mounted on the wall makes a bold statement and provides a focal point to an otherwise empty wall.

Monochrome paintings take shades of the same colour which can be carried into other parts of the home incorporating curtains, rugs and other decorative items to add cohesion to your home. They provide a subtle backdrop which emphasises the beauty of a feature staircase.

Adding your own personality

Some people like the idea of living in a ‘show home’ but in actuality, this is far to impersonal for many of us. Instead of using generic pieces of art, a home can be a reflection of the people in it. These examples are a expression of the fun-loving side of the home owners and reflect their hobbies and interests.

Portraits & People

It is increasingly unusual for homeowners to be depicted in painted portraits of themselves. However the human form remains popular in one form or another. The three examples above are all modern examples but differ hugely. The subtle colours and finer details of the first example invites users of the stairs to stop mid-climb to appreciate it’s finer details while the bolder, monochrome styles of the latter create an impact from the upper and lower levels of the stairs.


Traditional pieces of art still have their place even in a modern home. The old adage of glass being for ‘looking through, not looking at’ is demonstrated the first two examples above, producing a viewing area from the gallery while the latter uses thick oak frames to mirror the spindles.


Adding decorative flourishes shouldn’t be reserved fo the walls. Feature staircases inhabit a 3 dimensional space and so it makes sense that the artwork around it does too. These examples utilise the space under the staircase and use colours and materials which are a continuation of the materials used in the stairs and or dark contrasting colours. Both of which work effectively as a centrepiece of the tidy, uncluttered space created by the open area beneath the stairs.

Wallpaper & Walls

Sometimes your walls provide all the art, colour and detail you need. The fresh floral designs add interest to the wall but without any additional artwork to make the walls too busy to distract from the staircase.

In contrast to the light floral walls, the darker colours and texture of the feature walls creates a simple yet effective backdrop while the eyes is drawn along the flowing black-on-white handrail to the glass doors which work with the stairs to act as the focal point of the hallway.


If you’ve got the space and the green fingers, bringing the outside inside will brighten up your home and can reduce stress while improve wellbeing.

Mirrors & Windows

If you’re fortunate to have a feature window or a room with a view the need for art becomes less important as you’ll have a focus which changes throughout the day while letting light into the room. Alternatively a mirror serves a similar purpose bouncing existing light around stairway while creating an illusion of space.

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