jonThe secret identity of street artist Banksy is a mystery. What we do know is that his stills with a spray can are second-to-none. To the best of our knowledge our own resident spraying expert is not the artist in question…but then again – he would say that wouldn’t he?

Since moving to our new specialist premises in January 2017, Jon Abbott has been our go-to expert when it comes to all things paint, lacquer and colour. It takes a deceptive amount of skill to achieve the high quality of finish required on all our pre-finished installations.

Jon has been an unofficial Abbott-Wade family member for a long time – since his first day at primary school when he joined future Abbott-Wade directors Craig & Mike in class at a small primary school in Haydock. Since that time he has been a close friend of the directors even after spending several years living and working abroad. On his return, Craig Abbott and Mike Wade were keen to get him onboard utilise his work ethic, eye for detail and talents.

“Bringing Jon into the Abbott-Wade team was a match made in heaven,” says director Craig. “Not only is he a great asset to the company, he’s a great guy too!” A sentiment which is shared by his colleagues.

Jon Jon hard at work in the spray shop.

For Jon too, Abbott-Wade was the perfect choice. “I’ve never worked anywhere like this before,” say Jon. “It’s the ultimate family business. The camaraderie of the whole place is tremendous, regardless of whether you’re a fitter, in the office or in the spray shop, you really become part of this close knit unit. I know that someone’s always got my back, even though I’m the only sprayer, when things start to get too busy I know that Craig or one of the lads will be rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in to give me a hand.”

Craig Spraying reduced Director Craig Abbott lends a helping hand in the spray shop.



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