20th AnniversaryIt’s official – we’ve now entered our 20th year in business!

Unlike other companies who claim to have 20 years experience because someone there once sold a few stair parts, Abbott-Wade have been specialising in the installation and renovation of staircases since the beginning. Since that historic venture in 1996, there have been weddings and babies, laughter and tears, familiar faces come and gone. While a lot has changed over the years, a lot of things also remain the same.

There are lots of things which have always set us apart from other staircase installation companies, like our prefinished materials which mean that once our fitting teams have visited, the work is compete without the need for return visits by painters or French polishers. Not all companies can offer you the choice of a new flight or a renovation either, as Abbott-Wade does. These are important factors to consider when choosing a company to transform your staircase, but we don’t pretend that these factors are exclusive to Abbott-Wade, so what else sets us apart from the others?

Abbott-Wade are not a huge, faceless corporation with an army of subcontracted fitting teams. We are and have been a family business specialising in staircases since 1996, long before many of our competitors had ever realized that staircase renovations were possible. There are no shareholders escalating prices or directors sitting in ivory towers with no idea about how the whole process actually works. Our directors are actively involved in the installations of our staircases, they have a hands-on approach leading fitting teams and training our handpicked fitters, many of whom have worked through our ranks as our apprentices.

There are no plans for world domination here – we have made a conscious effort to keep our business at a size where our customers can be assured of receiving a personal, high quality service. We have a small, dedicated staff and our marketing budget is a fraction of that spent by other companies. These things help to keep our prices competitive.

We’re proud to be a family business with family values.

It’s all about treating customers fairly. We offer a great product for a fair price.

Designer Colin Campbell agrees. “It’s a great selling point for me and is one of the reasons I love working for Abbott-Wade. Customers are always surprised when I advise them to shop around – but it’s just common sense. If you’re making an investment you want to know that you’ve got a good deal and have made the right decision. Once customers have seen the quality of our product, learned more about our company and compared our prices, they’ve already made up their minds.”

So what does the future hold for Abbott-Wade?

“Nothing much will change.” Says director Mike Wade. ”We’ll continue adapting to changing trends, to employ local fitters and offer the best product for the best price. I’ve always been proud of everything we’ve achieved at Abbott-Wade and our customers like the way we do business.” 

“We’ve always been one step ahead as fashions change for turned and contemporary spindles and glass balustrades,” adds director Craig Abbott, ”and after 20 years, you learn to adapt and see potential problems before they ever become an issue. It means that there’s very little we can’t do when it comes to bespoke staircases. It’s what we love and long may it continue.”


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