We are many things. We are the pioneers of the Staircase Industry. We are a Family Business. We are Award Winners. In January 2019 when our good friend and colleague was struck down by a Stroke – we became #TeamAbbottWade. The Abbott-Wade family, staff and the family & friends of our good friend Colin united like never before to raise as much money as we could to help the Stroke Association support more victims of Stroke and rebuild lives.

We’re delighted to say that since the events in January, Colin’s improvement has been remarkable and we immensely proud of his tenacity to recover.

Colin’s son take up the story…

“Early this year my dad suffered from a stroke. A stroke is a brain attack. It happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, killing brain cells. 

Stroke is one of the biggest health challenges of our time. It is the fourth single leading cause of death in the UK, killing twice as many women as breast cancer and twice as many men as prostate and testicular cancer combined every year.

There are two main types of strokes – Ischemic and Hemorrhagic. A Hemorrhagic (bleed) stroke is when bleeding occurs on the brain. An Ischemic (clot) stroke is when a blood vessel becomes blocked, usually by a blood clot, and a portion of the brain becomes deprived of oxygen and will stop functioning. 

My dad suffered from both types, although it was primarily an Ischemic stroke which account for around 80% of all strokes. He was one of the fortune ones and was able to get treatment quickly, which is vital for stroke sufferers. He’s doing really well and is now on the road to recovery, but it came out of nowhere and was quite a shock. 

Damage to the brain caused by a stroke can affect how the body works. It can also change how you think and feel. The effects of a stroke depend on where it takes place in the brain, how big the damaged area is and, critically, how quickly it is treated.

My dad’s stroke impacted the feeling and mobility in the left-side of his body, initially rendering his left arm and face immobile, which my brother aptly pointed out made him look like Bricktop from the Guy Ritchie movie Snatch (2000).

He’s been very strong and determined; with physiotherapy and love and support from family and friends he’s getting better, gaining more and more movement and the future looks bright… and he no longer resembles a London mobster quite as much.

Unfortunately, not everyone survives a stroke – around 1 in 8 people die within 30 days of having a stroke. That’s why it’s so important to be able to recognise the symptoms and get medical help as quickly as possible. The quicker you receive treatment, the better your chances for a good recovery.”

You can read more about strokes here

Born Survivor’s not your average mud run or obstacle fun day – it is the ultimate military obstacle course challenge! The brainchild of an ex-Royal Marine Commando and Falkland’s veteran, Born Survivor has quickly become one of the most exciting and innovative obstacle course events in the country. The course is a test of personal fitness, courage, determination, teamwork and camaraderie to the limit.

#TeamAbbottWade took on the 10k challenge at Capesthorne Hall on 11th May 2019 and emerged triumphantly with a few bumps, bruises and a JustGiving page full of sponsorships to support the Stroke Association. Since January after Colin suffered his stroke, the team have been in training. Fitting staircases is a physically demanding profession and in addition to this many of the guys are keen sportsman with several accomplished footballers, rugby players and runners among them. For other members of the team preparing for the event was a daunting challenge. But regardless of how taut or wobbly our midriffs were – we were in it together like we always are!

The Stroke Association are a brilliant charity and genuinely help to rebuild lives after stroke. If you’d like to support them you can visit our JustGiving page or  via the Stroke Association website.

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