Mr Bond, Windsor, Berkshire

Why a new staircase?

Our staircase somehow didn’t sit well with the rest of the house – the finish (mahogany stain) appeared somewhat dated, it occupied a large footprint within the hallway encompassing a good deal of wasted space, and remedial solutions were limited insofar as one cannot paint it successfully, nor strip and refinish. Cladding and stair rod replacement was one option, but one which left the basic shape intact and didn’t address the footprint issue.   Eventually we concluded that wholesale replacement of the entire staircase was likely to be the sole option that could address all the issues.


We paid a visit to a manufacturer and installer of bespoke staircases and were persuaded that a redesign was not only a viable option but also would rest comfortably with the budget we had in mind. The visit also sowed the seeds that an elegant simplicity would be an attractive and timeless choice.

Decision making process:

We consulted with a number of companies, but Abbott-Wade was the sole one that not only offered the timelessness of style we were seeking, but most importantly, the only company which could satisfy our requirement for a one-stop shop capable of removing and disposing of the old staircase and fitting the new one without the involvement of several different parties.

Style choice:

We chose an oak staircase with open risers and embedded glass with stop chamfered stair rods and newel posts, the latter with simple cappings. It worked really well and is now much more in keeping with the way we’ve dressed the rest of the house.

End Result:

We’re delighted with the end result. It’s opened up the hallway and has given us much more footprint, and the openness has created a light and airy space which has transformed the entrance to the house. The entire process was free of difficulty and seamless, and completed in one and a half days with minimal collateral damage easily remedied by our decorator. We celebrated by getting a 15′ Christmas tree and placing it right up the centre of the staircase!

Should we ever move and consider changing a staircase again, Abbott-Wade will be our first point of contact.

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