Mr Holliday, Bolton, Lancashire

Why a new staircase?

We’d moved into our new house and the first thing you were presented with was an old, open tread staircase straight out of 1974. It wasn’t fit for purpose and didn’t meet current building regulations, most importantly we didn’t feel it was safe for our young children as there were large gaps between the ranch rails and treads.


As soon as we moved in we knew it had to go. The treads were so narrow I couldn’t fit my full foot on. It needed to be practical and safe for our children. We liked glass but didn’t want the problem of little fingerprints everywhere and decided that oak spindles would be our preferred choice.

Decision making process:

We looked online and found several staircase companies, all of whom wanted to renovate our existing stairs and retain the same structure which defeated our primary reasons for the change. Only Abbott-Wade were able to offer a complete new flight which not only turned out to be the best option for us, but the cheapest one too!

Style choice:

We needed a ‘proper’, carpeted staircase, not just for my large feet but because they are the first thing you see when you walk into the large hallway. We talked though the various options with Janet who suggested we consider the twisted oak spindles – it was absolutely the right option. We’d also seen a feature step in a friend’s house and Janet designed a stylish flourish for the foot of our stairs which we love.

End Result:

We’re not ‘staircase people’ and needed expert advice, fortunately Janet was great; helpful, knowledgeable and offered suggestions which suited our needs. The outcome is truly delightful! We have achieved the safe, practical staircase we desired with the benefit of being aesthetically perfect.

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