Mr Wills, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Why a new staircase?

A new staircase was needed to complete the renovation of our house and we wanted our staircase to be a major feature in giving an additional wow factor to compliment the rest of the project turning our house into a beautiful home.


Our inspiration was to design a modern striking staircase with black stained oak, open treads and glass risers complimented with glass and polished steel handrail thus allowing maximum light to penetrate our hallway area and as the natural light changes throughout the day, it performs many striking lighting effects.

Decision making process:

Abbott-Wade were chosen over their competitors because the process from design to installation is completed in-house.

Style choice:

The style we were wanting to create was modern and contemporary and for the staircase to relate to our style throughout the whole of our home.

End Result:

We have received numerous compliments (including trade) on how magnificent the staircase looks and how in keeping it is with the rest of the home. Other comments are beautiful and compliment how well made the staircase is.

We have no hesitation in recommending Abbott-Wade and have done on various occasions.

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