Mr & Mrs Mansfield, Guilford, Surrey

Why a new staircase?

We had no stairs as we lived in a bungalow, but needed a staircase as we wanted to build 2 more bedrooms in the loft space.


Desperation.  We needed more space.  A loft conversion was the trigger for us to search for a staircase and we were attracted by Abbott-Wade’s advert.

Decision making process:

Abbott-Wade had a choice of designs that was far superior to others and were sympathetic to a difficult placing of the staircase.

Style choice:

We chose an oak floating staircase with glass spindles and glass supports. It was the individual spindles that set the whole staircase in a class of its own.

End Result:

The spindles sparkle in the sunshine and by evening lamplight.    The access to two more rooms and a bathroom is way beyond our expectations.

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