Mr & Mrs Hughes, Amersham

“The Abbott-Wade staff were so helpful throughout the whole process. All the staff were very friendly and helpful at every stage. They even noticed a tiny fault on one piece of the glass and had a replacement on order before we even knew there was a problem. I would certainly highly recommend the company and their product to anyone who asked me.”

Why a new staircase?

Having had a new front extension which removed a wall adjacent to part of the staircase it was an excellent opportunity to create a feature in the enlarged hall.


We spent a long time mulling over what we could do to turn a staircase into a feature that made an impression.

Decision making process:

We did see lots of examples, including Abbott-Wade, in various magazines. One deciding factor was a recommendation from a friend who had work done by Abbott-Wade a couple of years ago.

Style choice:

We had decided that we wanted the space to be open and light and chose glass panels. It was in discussion with Abbott-Wade that the finer details of the Oak features were agreed. They took time to talk through the detail about the steps, the posts and handrails. Their attention to detail was excellent. It has worked really well and has achieved all we wanted and more!

End Result:

It looks wonderful and we are really pleased with it. We have now finished it off with white painted risers and carpeted treads which look amazing with the oak. It has had a great reaction from family and friends who have seen it.

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