Mr Chadwick, Wigan

Why a new staircase?

As the last part of my home to be modernised my old staircase was looking tired and in need of a makeover.


I saw the design in a magazine and knew instantly that I wanted to recreate that look in my own home.

Decision making process:

Abbott-Wade provided me with the most competitive quote whilst also being able to give me exactly what I wanted. They were very helpful and happy to discuss any ideas I had.

Style choice:

I wanted glass but needed to be practical in terms of cleaning as I have a dog that would be forever leaving wet marks on the sides. I liked the suggestion of the sandblasted glass as it wouldn’t show the dirt yet would let in as much light as the clear glass. The opti-white glass, unlike standard glass, doesn’t have a green tinge which I loved.

End Result:

I love it! The sandblasted glass looks great and has received lots of compliments from visitors to my home. It’s certainly brightened up what was previously a dark hallway.

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