Oak with clamped glass balustrade

Mr & Mrs Avery, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire Why a new staircase? We wanted to create the impression of a larger and brighter entrance hall & update the original ranch style staircase. Inspiration: An advert by another company re-kindled an old desire to upgrade the stairs & we requested more details and a quote. Decision making process: …

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Sandblasted glass staircase with oak

Mr Chadwick, Wigan Why a new staircase? As the last part of my home to be modernised my old staircase was looking tired and in need of a makeover. Inspiration: I saw the design in a magazine and knew instantly that I wanted to recreate that look in my own home. Decision making process: Abbott-Wade …

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Oak staircase renovation with oversized newel posts and glass panels in balustrade

Oversized oak posts with embedded glass

James & Shelagh, Warwickshire Why a new staircase? Our property is a timber-framed barn conversion which we agreed to buy nearly thirty years ago when it was little more than the original framing with a very old clay tile roof.  Although we had a lot of input into the works of conversion, we were nevertheless …

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